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American Outdoor Schools

Adventure Awaits

Studying to be Caretakers of Nature Since 1985

American Outdoor Schools' curriculum is designed to reinforce science concepts learned at school through experiential education.

Students are provided with a working manual, which is their tool for learning, to apply the concepts that they have been taught by collecting specimens, conducting experiments and recording observations. The curriculum is designed for fifth and sixth grade, utilizing observation, classification, investigation, and analytical skills.

kids hiking through the woods
boy climbing a rock wall

Students are also challenged by engaging in a variety of outdoor recreational activities including archery, wilderness survival, and team building exercises. These are designed to help students achieve personal growth through their sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence.

Students are guided through their experience by trained outdoor education staff members where direct experience and observation provide unique learning opportunities.







Team Building



Mountain landscape
Scenic Locations
kids filling out a workbook
Hands-On Curriculum
kids doing archery in the snow
Outdoor Recreation

Excellent communication and response to any of our concerns. All staff/leadership were very receptive and responsive as well as friendly and helpful! All behavior around the kids was appropriate and appreciative.



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