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Our Program

Learn, Grow, and Experience the Outdoors

American Outdoor Schools' curriculum is designed to reinforce science concepts learned at school through experiential education since studying the natural environment cannot always occur within the classroom setting. 

Students are provided with a working manual, which is their tool for learning, to apply the concepts that they have been taught by collecting specimens, conducting experiments and recording observations.  The curriculum is designed for grades five through six, utilizing observation, classification, investigation and analytical skills.

kids looking at skull outside


by utilizing the outdoors as a tool for hands-on activities. Students will journal experiences of nature and wildlife. They will learn how to implement sustainability into daily life to protect and conserve for the future.


by completing challenge courses and group activities, seeing first-hand how to positively manage new situations in a fresh environment.

girl shooting a bow and arrow, archery
boy asking question


up close how it feels to encounter wildlife, the positive effects of healthy bonds and camaraderie with classmates in the cabin and the Dining Hall.

Our program provides a balanced approach to building an outstanding outdoor education experience for students. 

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