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Our staff travel thousands of miles each year to help students learn to be caretakers of the environment. We require Instructors to have a 4-year college degree in any subject, but especially look for staff who hold degrees in related fields of study, such as biology, environmental education, or recreation.

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Join Our Team!

 Study science concepts in nature's classroom.

Develop awareness and appreciation for the natural environment and its delicate balance.

Develop a sense of responsibility and cooperation through group living and learning.

Develop an understanding of self-worth and the worth of others.

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Beautiful Sunset from a mountain road

Natural Science and Environmental Education topics are taught from a stewardship perspective. Subjects included are from the disciplines of geology, botany, ecology, astronomy, survival, sustainability, exploration, and outdoor recreation skills. 

We want staff who love working with students and are passionate about science.


Program Goals

​When students leave the city and technology to come to a camp for a few days, our team witnesses growth in the students, which is a rewarding feeling. You will quickly notice our welcoming culture, and by the end of the season, you will have made life-long friends.​

Our mission includes running programs across California and even into Oregon. Traveling is usually done on 1-4 week rotations, including housing and meals.


During time off there are opportunities to explore not just the camps around you but the parks, forests, beaches, and cities nearby too.​

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Things to Do


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Our Values




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